User Interface Changes 2021

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CalTopo just got even better! It’s been a hot minute since we have fully redesigned the CalTopo user interface. With the recent improvements to the mobile app, it felt like the right time for some long needed changes to the website. CalTopo still has all the same tools and functionality you’ve come to know and love and all your saved maps and data are right where you left them- the only difference is a more functional, streamlined and sleeker new look!

We also recognize that change can be hard. If you find yourself staring at your monitor, wondering where your maps have gone or how to add a map object with the new UI: Never fear! We’ve created this page to walk you through the major differences between the old UI and the new redesigned UI.

You can read through the entire page below to learn more about the new UI or click on a particular section to jump ahead:

Topics on this Page:


The first important big moves:

  • Log In is now separate from Sign Up. These have moved to the top right of the window.
  • Add Object is now one button, located in the Map Objects menu.

Login moved to top right corner. Add object is now one button in the map objects menu.

Other Big Moves:

  • Import and Export are now part of the map objects menu.
  • The Print and Measure Functions are located on the map on the left side.
  • Config is now Settings and is still in the top bar, as is the location search bar.

Top bar menu items moved onto the map or into the map objects side bar on the left.

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Your Maps and Other Data

Once logged in, your maps and other data are now in Your Data, at the top right of the window after you log in. Your account information (subscription, other account info like teams and alternate logins) are also in the top right, when you click on your login ID.

Your data is now separate from your account information.

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Map and Object Interactions

Right Clicking on the map gives point menu. Quickly view the coordinates, find links to gather information about the location, or create objects based on that point.

The Point Menu is accessed from right clicking on the map.

Right clicking on an object is now a relic of days past. There is NO MORE right clicking on an object.

You can click (normal left click/ single tap) to open the object menu. This menu has sections that expand when you click on them.

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Sharing aka Collaborate

When you have a saved map open:

The name of the map is in the upper left corner of the map. Clicking it makes the map center and zoom to show all the map objects, just like in the mobile app.

Collaborate is now an info button on the left side of the map.

To view and change the map name, and access the link to the map and change sharing settings, click the info button.

Info button opens the sharing dialog.

New Maps

If you add objects to an unsaved map, the info button becomes a green save icon.

An unsaved map will have a green save icon.

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Other Things: Print Page, Export Menu

Print Page

The print options are now all on the print page. This means if you are looking to export MBTiles or order a printed map, you open the print page first.

Export Menu

To choose the type of export file (gpx, kml, json), first open the export dialog box by clicking on the export menu.

Keyboard Shortcuts!

Already missing right click to add a line? Use Shift+L!

For proficient users who are creating objects often, we've added keyboard shortcuts for many common functions and layers. Look to the right of each function or layer to see the shortcut command listed.

Look for keyboard shortcut commands to the right of an item or layer.

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