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While the use of CalTopo does not require an account, creating an account will allow you to return to saved maps, share maps more easily, and much more.

Here we cover Login Methods and Account Acceess, which covers creating an account and logging in to the account. In the following lesson in this chapter, we look at all the information stored in your account as you use CalTopo.

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Lessons in this Chapter:

  • Managing Your Account Items, which reviews the tabs in the Your Account display box, including Your Maps, Your Layers, Your PDFs, and more.

Account Creation and Login

Users attempting to sign up or login on a mobile device, scroll down to the mobile section. Most users will be using to login. Some users who are using the program for first response and search and rescue operations will use

These two systems are currently on different servers and thus if you have both SAR maps and CalTopo maps, you will see the set of maps only when logged in to the proper server for each type.

Sign Up vs Login: In the top right corner of the page are two buttons: Sign Up and Log In. If you have never signed in to CalTopo before, choose Sign UP. If you have previously logged in, choose Log In.

sign in options

Sign up and Log In buttons are in the top right corner of the page.

ID provider: When you click sign up or login, it will ask you which type of account you want to use. These account providers give CalTopo a way to verify your account access without us having to write our own login credentials and store your information. Read more about why we use this method in our FAQs.

Each login provider is a different CalTopo account. If you signed up with Google, and you next try to login with the same email but using Facebook instead, it will tell you that no account exists.

Next, login to the account you are using to create the CalTopo account with. For example, if you are creating an account using Google, when you click the Google option from the list, it takes you to sign in to Google. Enter your Google name and password to login. Then you will be returned to CalTopo to finish creating your account. You will have to authorize CalTopo to use the account provider for access.

When you sign up and create a new account, you will have to agree to the Terms of Use and Privcy Policy.

If you end up with two accounts and want to connect them, you can set an alternate login. See below for instructions.

Creating and Account on a Mobile Device

At this time, you cannot create an account directly in the mobile app. When you try to do so, your web browser on your phone should open and the steps will be identical to the rest of this page.

If you have trouble opening the link from the app, go in your phone browser to and create the account there, or do so from a computer.

Login to the App with Existing Account

Users who already have a CalTopo or SARTopo account can login to the mobile app by first selecting a server - either CalTopo or SARTopo. After selection, you are prompted to choose a login provider. If you don't see the full list, click the link for "More logins...".

Fill in the username and password for your account provider. When accepted, you will be asked to sync your device to that account. You can change the name of your device so that you can identify it in your device list later if you need to. Once you select "sync account", login is complete and the map viewer appears.


To logout of your account, from the map viewer, click your user name to open the Your Account panel.

Next to your username is the link to logout.

click your login name to access your account

Click on your login ID to access the account panel.

Click the logout link next to your login name.

Logging Out of the Mobile App

Go to the 3-bar hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the app. Then select Account. At the bottom of the screen is the button to log out of the app.

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Account Basics

Account types and privileges

  • Our platform is free to use as long as you want, with additional features available via an annual subscription.
  • See this page for details regarding account types and what you can access from each subscription level. And the FAQ for additional information.
  • If you plan to use the mobile app offline, you will need to subscribe to the Mobile subscription level at a minimum in order to download base layers to your device.

Subscribing or Managing your Subscription

The signup process is straightforward. Here are some screenshots.

Arrows pointing to three ways to access the upgrade page.

Choose a subscription level, then click Next.

Arrows pointing to three ways to access the upgrade page.

After selecting a subscription and clicking Next, you get the billing page.

Arrows pointing to three ways to access the upgrade page.

A successful payment looks like this.

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Managing Auto-Renewal and Card Updates

You can control whether your subscription renews automatically every year. Go to Your Account, then click the Subscription Info button.

subscription area of your account tab

Click the Change Status button.

On the next page, you will see what subscription you have currently and a button to either renew your account or cancel the auto renewal.

subscription area of your account tab

Manage your subscription here.

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Alternate Logins

If you have multiple Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft or Yahoo addresses, you can use more than one address to sign into a single CalTopo account. This allows you to create backup logins (in case you find yourself locked out of your primary login) and also makes it easier to access your CalTopo data regardless of which email account you're currently using. CalTopo recommends having an alternate provider login just in case of downtime.

Merging accounts should only be done for a single user. If you merge your account with accounts that you do not have control over, it can result in unexpected outcomes such as the loss of data or modification of other account info such as billing info or maps.

Start by logging in to one of the accounts, to the the Your Account panel, and next to your login name you will find a link that says "Add Alternate Login."

Add Alternate Login Here.

You will get this box when you select "add alternate login" from the Your Account tab.

You must choose whether to make the account you are already logged in with the primary, or vice versa. If you have a paid subscription, the account with the subscription should be your primary one. If both accounts have associated subscriptions, or if you mix this up and your combined accounts do not seem to have the subscription anymore, you will need to contact us to sort things out.

You will be redirected to a login page. Select the appropriate provider and sign in with the alternate account that you wish to merge with your primary account. If your team uses a custom login server, enter your team alias in the indicated space.

After you sign in, you will be asked to confirm that you want to merge that email address with your primary account. Click on "Looks Good" to confirm.

After saying "looks good!" your accounts are merged. You can now use either account to sign in and access all of the maps and PDFs that belong to the primary account ( in this example). You can view all your logins under "Your Account".

All Done!

To view or delete your alternate login, go back to Your Account. All of your connected logins are listed here. Click the red X to remove the alternate login, then confirm.

Use the red X to delete the alternate.

Confirm you would like to remove the alternate.

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