Managing Your Data: Maps, Tracks, Layers, Icons, and More

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This page covers the tabs in the Your Data section, which you can access by clicking on the orange "Your Data" button at the top right of the page after you have logged in to CalTopo.

Depending on your subscription level, you may have different sets of these tabs.

Topics on this Page:

You will access all of the following features by going to Your Data via the button at the top right of the page. You must be logged in to see your data and the included tabs.

your maps tab view

Open Your Data with the button in the top right of the page.

Your Maps

Each time you save a new map, it is stored to your data. You can find all of your maps listed here. Maps are sorted based by last opened. You can change the base permissions for maps using the drop down menu next to each map name.

your maps tab view

Your saved maps are in the Your Maps tab.

  • Use the red X to delete a map.
  • Quickly edit the base permission level for each map using the drop down menu for that map.
  • Maps are organized by last update. You can reverse the order by clicking on the heading of the right-most column.
  • At the bottom of your map list, there is a note describing how many non-public maps you are using out of your allotment depending on your subscription level.

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Bookmarks are maps that other users have created and sent you a link for you to access and potentially edit. You do not have ownership of these maps, but you may have write or update access to these, depending on what was shared with you. Therefore, your ability to add to and edit the map will be dependent on the type of permission you have been assigned for that map. If you have the ability to add to the map, you are adding objects to the owner’s map. They can see everything you do.

If the owner deletes the map it will disappear from your bookmarks list, and you will no longer have access to it. The owner can also change the permissions of the map, thus removing your access.

You can remove bookmarks links by clicking the red X. This will not affect the owner’s map.

bookmarks tab viewyour maps tab view

Bookmarks stores map that you have access to but that other people own.

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Your PDFs

Anytime you print to PDF, the file will list here until it expires. If you don’t download your PDF immediately after creating it, you can find it listed again here and open it. You can also change the expiration date using the drop down menu for “expires in” and see when the PDF was created. Delete PDFs you no longer need with the red X.

PDFs tab viewyour maps tab view

The Your PDFs tab lists your stored PDF prints.

Your Tracks

When you record a track in the app, it gets stored to your account and listed here. Click on any track title to open the page for that specific track. Track pages are not displayed as part of the map viewer. If you need to add a track to a specific map, you can download the gpx file and import that file to the map. You can also view your tracks on any map by using the “Your Tracks” overlay. Clicking on a specific track will give you the option to add that track to the current map.

tracks tab viewy

Tracks that you record in the mobile app are listed here.

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Your Layers

If you add and save custom layers to your account, you will see them listed here, as well as in your Base Layers list. You can remove layers you no longer need here by clicking on the red X.

layers tab viewyour maps tab view

If you create and save a custom layer to your account, you can manage it from here.

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Map Sheets

In this tab you can see and remove map sheets that you have saved to your account. The link below the list of your map sheets allows you to upload map sheets directly for which a Pro, Desktop, or Team subscription is required.

map sheets tab viewyour maps tab view

Manage the map sheets that you have uploaded to your account from this page. Also add additional map sheets to your account from here.

All accounts can take a Shared Map Sheet (access via overlay menu) and save it to your account for easy access. However, to upload a new map sheet, you must have a Pro, Desktop, or Team subscription.

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Your Icons

(Available with a Pro, Desktop, or Team Subscription)

For Markers that you add to your maps, you can choose the icon used for the marker display on the map. Add your own custom icon images here and you will be able to access them in the icon menu when editing a marker. Pro subscription or higher required.

icons tab viewyour maps tab view

Add icons to your account here, and manage existing custom icons.

To add a new icon to your account, begin with the link below the icon list that says “Add New Icon.”

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Desktop Access

(Desktop or Team Subscription Only)

The Desktop version of CalTopo and SARTopo is a version of the software that you install on your computer and can run without an internet connection after you have set it up. You can download layers for offline use on your computer.

A Desktop subscription is required to use this functionality. If you have a desktop subscription or are a member of a team account, you will have access to your license and software download here.

desktop access tab view

The desktop access tab includes information about how to download the desktop CalTopo program.

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Account Items in the Mobile App

Account functions are structured quite differently in the mobile app. For starters, you can only view and edit your account information via a web browser. The specific sections from above for Your PDFs, Your Layers, Your Icons, Downloads, and Desktop, are not available in the mobile app.

Your Maps and Bookmarks are in the three-bar menu in the upper left corner of the app. Your Maps and bookmarks are combined into "Your Maps" and when you tap on Your Maps, you get a list of all your maps and bookmarks. Icons to the left of the map name will show whether the map is yours or a bookmark.

All of your maps automatically sync when you have a network connection (though this could take some time if it is your first time opening the app with a particular login ID and you have a lot of maps or very large maps in your account.) If you need to re-sync for any reason, there is a sync icon at the top right of the maps list. Next to the sync button is a + sign, which you can use to add a new bookmark if you have a 4-digit map ID.

Tracks are in another folder within the 3-bar menu. Any tracks you have recorded with the mobile app on any device will list here. Tap the track name to turn its visibility on or off for the map viewer. Tap the info icon to see a link to the track page. Select multiple tracks with the select icon in the upper right corner, next to the sync icon. More information about managing mobile tracks is in the mobile specific lesson on tracks.

Map Sheets are a folder in the 3-bar menu. Any map sheets that you have saved to your account are listed here. Unlike Your Maps, these do not automatically sync to your device. For more information, see the Map Sheets lesson.

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