First Response with SARTopo


First response organizations using SARTopo will find resources here to help with using special object types, training their teams, and using the program to work through a full search-type incident by taking our course.

Certificate Class: CalTopo for Incident Response

This self-paced training will help you learn to use CalTopo to plan and execute a missing persons search. The skills learned are valuable to a variety of incident types. A certificate of completion is available through NASAR. See the course intro for more details.

Instructions for Basic SAR Object Types

For help with using SAR-specific object types, such as assignments and operational periods, go to this section.

Resources for Incidents

These small units include documents to help you manage a large incident with many outside responders, and to train your team to use CalTopo effectively for incidents or missions.

This webinar from 2020 is another resource for learning to use SARTopo for searches. It takes place on our older user interface, so some things look different than they do now. However it can still be a useful resource for getting started.